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About Me

My name is Marie L. Kelly, better known as Lily. For the first six years of my life, I had no idea Lily was my nickname. It was not until my first day of school when I got into an argument with the principal about my name. And then at lunch time my parents told me about my nickname and where it came from. Apparently, my Dad got a call at his workplace about this argument.

I am orginally from Fort Good Hope, the seventh child of eleven kids. I consider myself unique because of ten of us, I am the only one who did not attend Residential School. I say ten because I lost a baby brother to a deadly disease.

I attended school only in Fort Good Hope and took correspondence for another few years. Later on in years I attended Adult Ed. and then applied and attended college in Fort Smith, up-grading myself and then taking the Teachers Program, ACTE.

I have taught nearly all grade with the exception of Grade Two. My best years of teaching was in Fort Good Hope in a class of 22 Grade Ones. The majority of my subjects came from Dene Kede, and we had so much fun learning with hands-on activites. I now teach Jr. and Sr. High subjects and am loving what I do with my students.

I moved to Deline in 1999 with the intentions of moving from school to school but got stuck here. It started with my former Grade 8/9 students asking me to stay, and then later the elders asked me to stay longer. So here I am, on my 15th year in Deline.


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