The perfect formula! - Imperial and SDEC

Rosetta Gully (left), Hunter Edgi (middle), and Ezra Kakfwi, with teacher, Leslie Campbell.Rosetta Gully (left), Hunter Edgi (middle), and Ezra Kakfwi, with teacher, Leslie Campbell.








Here we see some Sahtu students  recording their math and science findings in their math journals. Rosetta Gully (left), Hunter Edgi (middle), and Ezra Kakfwi are exploring the weight of objects using a balance scale. Grade 1 / 2 teacher, Leslie Campbell, guides students to sort and arrange their findings so that items are recorded from lightest to heaviest. Hands-on experiential learning makes math a lot of fun and students are encouraged to make the connections between math and the real world!


Imperial’s Norman Wells operation announces $50,000 in funding for the Sahtu Divisional Education Council’s Science & Math Initiative.

A recent decision by Imperial’s Norman Wells operation to support the Sahtu Divisional Education Council’s Science & Math Initiative wasn’t very difficult. What can be difficult is teaching complex science and math lessons to students. That’s why the Sahtu Divisional Education Council has created the Science & Math Initiative. 



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