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Capstone is offering FREE ACCESS to Engage Literacy eBooks all summer!

Starting today, students can access the entire Engage Literacy eBook library, where ever they are!

  • School: Great for those last few weeks when you're trying to get books packed up
  • Home: Any computer or internet connected device will be able to access every book available
  • On-the-go: With the Capstone Interactive App, students can download books for offline reading!

Start your free access now!

Support your emergent, early, and fluent readers with Engage Literacy:

  • Natural-voice audio provides a fluent model with rate-appropriate cadence and prosody for Emergent, Early, and Fluent readers
  • Text highlighting to match audio
  • Ability to turn audio on and off
  • Precisely Leveled readers
  • Thematically linked Fiction and Nonfiction pairs (C-P)
  • Recurring characters support comprehension
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
Capstone Interactive ebooks can be accessed 24/7 through any Internet connection, even from home. Plus, books can be downloaded for offline reading through the Capstone Interactive app. 

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K'alemi Dene School
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