About Our School

Nagha dágǫ́htíeɁ (How are you?)

Ɂehtseo Ayha School is located in the isolated community of Déline (where the water flows) within the Northwest Territories of Canada.  Déline is the only town situated on Great Bear Lake (Sahtu) which is the largest lake positioned entirely within Canada.  The fishing is fantastic, as massive lake trout have been caught along with many grayling and whitefish.

Déline is a Dené First Nations town that is full of rich culture and heritage.  Many people speak the Dené language of North Slavey in addition to English.  Cultural games, crafting, hunting, trapping, music and other traditional activities are passed on to younger generations.  Local people are very friendly with visitors and welcome them to get involved and to learn about their way of life.            

Ɂehtseo Ayha School has approximately 130 students from junior kindergarten to grade 12.  We are focused on providing balanced literacy and numeracy throughout the grades by following research based practice.  We are believers in differentiating instruction and assessment to meet the inclusive needs of all students.  We value student-centered learning opportunities as we often practice teaching using an inquiry based approach.  Integrating traditional culture and the Dené language is also a big part of our overall school identity.

Our students are enthusiastic in learning new concepts, have a love for physical activity, and are active and involved in their Dené culture.  We have a dedicated staff who cooperate as a team in providing quality education to all of its students.  Our school also offers an array of extra-curricular activities to enhance student learning and build relationships.



Our DEA Members:


Dave Little                 Chair

Mary Ann Vital          DEC Representative

Helena Tutcho          Alternate Chair

Brenda Baton          

Danny Bayha          

Joe Blondin             

Paul Modeste          


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